Fo Sho, Tile Maker?

The 2017 award for burning through most topics in under ten minutes goes to: Tile Maker.

Guy (looking over to a woman sitting next to him): “What you getting into tonight, little lady?”

Little Lady: “Nothing. Ya know… hitting the dispensary, then watching a movie that I rented from the library.”

Guy: “Fo sho?”

Little Lady: “Fo sho.”

Guy: “Fo sho.”

[Insert two-minute conversation about the dispensary that he goes to… but only for relatives.]

[Insert two-minute conversation about how he loves movies from the library, and just finished Season 1 of American Horror Story.]

Guy: “By the way, what’s your name, little lady?”

Little Lady: “It’s Kim. You?”

Guy: “My name’s Tyler… It’s Greek for ’tile maker.’ We pave the road. Ya know?”

2nd Guy, (randomly jumping in from two rows down): “Tile maker? Yeah, I get that all the time!”

Tile Maker: “You a Tyler too?”

2nd Guy: “Nah. My name’s Marshall. I just mean that I get what you’re saying, because I’m a history buff.  So I understand the Greek tile maker thing.”

Tile Maker: “History buff, huh? Me too!”

[Insert a two-minute conversation about the civil war, transitioning into a two-minute argument about whether the underwater city of Atlantis was real.]

[Kim gets off, saying goodbye to Tile Maker, without acknowledgment. He’s now analogizing Marshall to Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith Show.]

[Arrive at Tile Maker’s stop.]

Tile Maker: “Well, good talking to you Marshall. If we see each other in the afterlife, let’s team up. We’d be a good team. We’d be strong as fuck.”


And to think that I almost drove today.  I’m thinking of quitting my day job to be a professional train passenger.

#lightrail #TileMaker


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